The powerful Magicians of the Great Tonkana, with the help of the Alchemists, enclosed some of the Tonalites in vessels. Locked in the vessel, Tonalit is convenient to use and store, and, if necessary, to carry around. Like all the others, these tonalites have three types of glow: blue, green and red.
Types : 3
30 vessels
Mage's prey
Tonalites are very often used by Mages in confrontation with adherents of Mud. Therefore, there are quite a few artifacts in which the Mages have enclosed entire Tonalites or their parts. In addition to a practical purpose, the possession of Tonalit is a sign of belonging to the Nobility of the Great Tonkana, therefore, especially wealthy Mages made jewelry from them and wear them for show to the public.
Types : 6
60 mage's prey
As all the chroniclers of the Great Tonkana know, the Tonalites were part of the living beings until the adepts of the Mud came and destroyed them. Great happiness for the digger if he found the petrified Tonalite, then he has the choice to become part of the Great Tonkana Nobility or sell the trophy and provide himself and all his loved ones with prosperity for centuries.
Types : 6
60 fossils
Before the era of the Great Tonkana only the tiniest creatures-tonalites managed to survive. They are almost impossible to meet in nature, as the survivors remained only in places inaccessible to adherents of the Mud. If you accidentally met the Tonalit Insect, then treat it with respect and reverence, this insect is billions of years older than you and much wiser, and in general, all living creatures must be treated with respect. If you behave correctly, then you have a chance to make friends with a creature and this will be an event that will change your whole life.
Types : 8
80 creatures
The most common Tonalites are those taken by Nature. That is why the Adepts of Mud exterminated almost all the tonalite-animals, because they resisted the destruction of Nature. Now natural Tonalites are scattered throughout the Great Tonkana and are hunted by treasure seekers. Often, these stones attract evil beings, who take them to the cave and protect them from everyone, primarily from adherents of the Mud, but some natural creatures are so evil that they attack everyone.
Types : 17
80 natural

Glow of tonalite

Each of the Tonalites has its own glow. It can be green, red or blue, as Nature created them. The stone is able to determine whether its owner is an adept of Mud or a follower of Rotgar. The power of the stone manifests itself in a glow, the helmet of the owner of Tonalite begins to burn with a bright flame that does not cause damage to its owner. The flame tells everyone: before you is the protector of Nature - a follower of Rotgar. The wealthiest Nobles of Great Tonkana are very fond of trading Tonalites of different colors in order to look as cool as possible in combination with their armor. On their cards, the nobility draws a beautiful frame corresponding to the color of Tonalite, the frames also differ in shape and depend on the Tonalite owned by a particular follower.

The Power of Rotgar's Followers

Owners of Tonalites, in addition to external attributes, receive the Power of Restoration and belonging to the Nobility of the Great Tonkana. That is why Magicians and Warriors hunt for Tonalites, and Alchemists are ready to pay any price for them.


Accelerated energy regeneration between fights

The energy of Tonalites is so powerful that it allows its owner to restore energy extremely quickly between fights. This has huge advantages when it comes to skill training, as the knight with Tonalite can fight many times longer than other people. This becomes especially important when it comes to tournaments, because the strongest compete in tournaments. In order to learn as quickly as possible before the next competition, the knights of the Great Tonkana are trying at any cost to get Tonalite or exchange it for temporary use.


Participation in exclusive events with a unique reward

Ownership of Tonalite grants access to events that are held exclusively for the Nobles of Great Tonkana. It can be both tournaments and campaigns for the extraction of unique artifacts. The rewards in such events can be completely different, and sometimes extraordinary things for the Great Tonkana, such as an artifact depicting a strange green creature in a blue hat or the right to own land in a world invented by the Tonkana minstrels. Such tournaments and campaigns are very different from those available to everyone in that the price of the reward in them is extremely high.

Cathedral of the Nobles of Great Tonkana

Inn of Rotgar

There is an interdimensional Inn of Rotgar inside the world of the Great Tonkana and in the world associated with it, which has a strange name - Telegram. Only members of the Nobles of the Great Tonkana have access to the Inn of Rotgar, to which all owners of Tonalits are equated. There you can conveniently communicate with representatives of the Nobles and be the first to receive news of upcoming events in order to be the first to take the place of a participant or to buy land or new armor forged in volcanic forges at closed auctions.
The spirit of Rotgar wanders in that Inn. There are rumors that from time to time his voice is heard there.

Voice of the Great Tonkana

From time to time, new buildings are built in the Great Tonkana, cities are created, and travelers discover previously unknown lands. All this needs names. For the choice of names, the Voice of the Great Tonkana was formed in ancient times. In fact, this is a meeting of all the nobility, where proposals for the names of new entities are put forward, and a vote is taken for one or another option. The name that has received the approval of the largest number of nobles is the Voice.