Battle mechanics in a bot

The mechanics of the battle in the bot is a mini version of the battle from the main game. The combat process is a sequence of hits and blocks that players make in each mini-round. For a limited time, the player must choose one of the possible zones to hit the enemy and two zones to protect himself. In total, 5 zones are available for hitting/blocking: Head, Body, Belly, Groin, Legs. The player sees the intermediate results of his actions and the actions of the enemy in each round.


Gaining experience

Players gain experience in battles regardless of the battle outcome. Victory brings several times more experience, but even losing battles, the fighter gains experience, although not as actively. After gaining a certain amount of experience, the player's level will increase. As the player levels up, their damage and health increase.

Battle types

Before entering the battle, the player can choose in which mode he wants to fight. Each mode has a different reward and possible opponent.

Classic Fight

If the player just wants to fight the enemy, he chooses the “Classic Fight” option. In this option, at the end of the battle, the player receives a certain amount of experience, which depends on the outcome of the battle.

Fight for a bet

If the player wants not only to fight with the enemy, but also to earn money, he can choose the “Fight for a bet” option. In this battle option, both players must deposit a certain amount of TON for which they will fight


Tournaments will be held regularly by the administration of the game. Many players will fight in tournaments, among which there will be only one winner and many prizes. The prize fund of the tournament will be announced during the opening of the tournament. In the tournament, players will fight for unique rewards and TON.


Types of opponents

Before the start of the battle, the player can choose who he wants to fight with.

Equal Opponent

To fight with an opponent equal to his level, the player chooses the “Equal Opponent” option. In this mode, the player's opponent will be equal to his level or may be higher / lower by one level, which will not be a significant inconvenience in battle.

Opponents are equal

Random Opponent

The player can also fight with an opponent of any level by choosing the "Random Opponent" option. In this case, the enemy can be of any level, both below the level of the player, and much higher.

Any level


If the player wants to fight a specific opponent or challenge his friend, he needs to select the “Challenge” option. The player will be given a personal link to the battle, which he can send to any player to fight with him.

Choice Opponent
  • Are we going to play?


  • Let's go to the Battle to order


  • 1 vs 1 match?


  • +



The general chat is available for players to communicate

In the chat, players can share the results of their battles, challenge each other, discuss other players' battles, or simply chat on general topics. Also, for some special achievements, players will be awarded titles or achievements.


For example, the winner of a tournament will be assigned the title of “Champion” until he defends his title in the next tournament or it passes to another player.




Restoring energy with potions

After the battle, the player's energy is restored for some time, in order to speed up the process, the player can use the energy recovery potion. You can buy it in the marketplace, from other players, or use the services of a healer player.



The player will have his own personal inventory, which will display all the items he has. In the inventory, the player can equip equipment and use consumables, such as a potion to restore energy.


Rewards after the battle

After the end of the battle, the player with a very small chance can receive an item of equipment or a consumable as a reward. The winner and the loser will have different chances of receiving such an award. The drop chance will be assigned to each item individually.


List of friends and online players

Such a list is needed so that the player can more conveniently challenge a specific opponent.


Group battles

Battles in which players gather in a squad of 2-5 people limited in number and fight among themselves.



A marketplace where players can buy/sell in-game items and consumables.