War for power

A unique mode in which players will fight for the throne of the local king. The player who takes the throne will receive a percentage of the total profit of the city. To challenge the current king, you will need to complete a series of specific tasks. The opportunity to challenge the king will be given only once a month. All applicants who have fulfilled the necessary conditions for the battle with the king must fight among themselves, and only the strongest of them will be able to go to battle with the king of the city himself.


Battle system

Most of the time the player spends in battles to earn coins, resources, and increase his rating. The battles are presented in a 2D platform view (side view), where the player indicates the point of impact on the enemy and the point of defense on his character. Battles are divided into rounds, in each of which the players act simultaneously. At the end of the countdown of the round, the calculation of actions takes place with the display of the animation of the fighters.

Each battle lasts until the enemy is defeated. At the end of each battle, the player is given a reward.

Battles are divided into types


the player fights against other players to increase his rating, for game currency, for territories, in tournaments.


the player fights against game NPCs to increase his rating, for game currency, for territories.


Type of PvP battles


For the experience

a battle in which players participate in order to gain experience. The main battle mode, upon completion of which the character gains experience and rating. Experience is gained by both characters, but the rating goes up for the winner and goes down for the loser.


For collectibles

a battle in which both players bet equal or desired collectibles, which are agreed upon in advance. Any resources, weapons or armor can be bet as items. The winner gets back their own item and the opponent's item. Plus, both players gain experience.


For coins

a battle in which players place a bet in coins (both gaming and TON coin). When the bet is agreed, the battle starts. The winner gets their bet back and the opponent's bet.


Battles to order

a battle in which players order other players to be killed (example: Gendarmerie building - “wanted” poster). The player indicates the nickname of the offender and the amount he is willing to pay for his elimination. Another player (bounty hunter) who accepts the order activates the battle with the player indicated in the poster. In this fight, the level of opponents does not matter. After eliminating the enemy, the bounty hunter receives the indicated reward.


Battle with a clone

battles in which characters with the same values in characteristics or with a slight difference in values (no more than 5%) take part. When a clone is defeated, the character gains a temporary bonus to all his stats. The more clones the player defeats, the greater the bonus will be for the characteristics. The bonus time when defeating another clone does not stack. If the character loses to the clone, then the bonus disappears.


Underground fights

fights in which other players bet on the winner. Fights are announced in advance, in the chat, after the list of participants is compiled. The winner and the players who bet on him receive the corresponding reward.


Fist fights

fights in which characters participate without weapons and armor, for a reward played by the administration (resource, coins, weapons, armor, etc.).